Don Bosco
Don Bosco
1815 (16th August) Don Bosco was born in Becchi (Asti).
1817 Giovannino lost his father at the age of two.
1824 Giovannino saw his mission in a "dream".
1835 He donned a cassock and entered a seminary.
La casa di Don Bosco
The house of Don Bosco
1841 He was ordained a priest in Turin and began his apostolate as a young man by teaching catechism in Turin.
1845 The opening of evening schools.
1846 He settled in Valdocco.
1847 He opened a second oratory in Turin at Porta Nuova.
1853 He opened professional training schools.
1854 He named his collaborators Salesians.
1855 Don Domenico Pestarino set up an association in Mornese (Alessandria) from which the Daughters of Maria Ausiliatrice were to be founded.
1856 Mamma Margherita died.
1859 He announced his decision to found the Salesian Congregation. He setup the first Salesian Superior Chapter.
1861 Opening of the first printing press.
1862 The first 22 Salesians put their organization in the hands of Don Bosco.
1863 He opened the first house outside Turin (in Mirabello Monferrato).
1864 The Salesian Congregation received their first recognition from the Holy See (Laudatory decree)
1868 The Basilica of Maria Ausiliatrice was consecrated in Turin.
1870 The first house was opened outside Piedmont (in Alassio, province of Savona).
1875 The first Salesian house was opened outside Italy in Nice, France.
1877 Don Bosco printed the first issue of the Salesian Bulletin.
1879 The first contact made by the Salesian missionaries with the Indios in Patagonia.
1881 The Salesians began their work in Spain.
1883 Don Bosco visited France. The Salesians began their work in Brazil.
1886 Don Bosco visited Barcelona.
1887 The Salesians began their work in Chile, The Basilica of the Sacred Heart was consecrated in Rome.
1888 (31st January) Don Bosco died leaving 773 Salesians and 393 Daughters of Maria Ausiliatrice.
1890 The procedure for the canonization of Don Bosco was opened.
La Basilica di <BR>Maria Ausiliatrice a Torino
The Basilica of
Maria Ausiliatrice in Turin

Il Tempio di Don Bosco <br>a Roma
Il Tempio di Don Bosco a Roma